Residential Hostel

The hostel facility situated in the Old Hall consists of a number of bathroom and dormitory areas together with a TV room, games room and dining area. Four members of childcare staff oversee the work involved in the residential hostel and they are supported further by school staff including the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. At least two staff perform over night duties and the maximum number of children staying overnight is usually six. The hostel caters for specific needs and requests from parents are encouraged and responded to. Children have the opportunity of being with their friends in a relaxed family atmosphere with a variety of activities being offered during their stay. A child may be offered a relaxing therapy treatment in the dedicated therapy room.

Attention is given to the promotion of self help skills - a continuation of the day’s programme, and for children wishing to make extended visits elsewhere with school, either home or abroad, the hostel is good preparation. Both occupational therapists and physiotherapists use the hostel as a ‘proving ground’ for assessment of special equipment which can then be used at home if proved suitable. A flexible approach is maintained so that children may stay for tea or even one night. However, the usual length of stay is one week – Monday to Friday. Most children seize the opportunity to “stay in residence” although attendance is not compulsory for any child. However, we do encourage all pupils to consider the benefits of participating in the residential hostel programme with a view to encouraging Independence and long term emotional maturity.

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Graded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED for the last 9 years: 

The effectiveness of the Residential Provision is outstanding’ 

‘Pupils say that they feel safe at school and in the residential provision’ 

‘Behaviour is outstanding’