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INTRODUCTION – Physical education is a subject that offers unique opportunities to Penn Hall pupils. It is a subject that confronts and challenges the limitations that physical disabilities can impose, often offering freedom from some of the daily constraints faced by our pupils. The PE curriculum aims to develop pupils’ confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations. Swimming is taught across all Key Stages. 


  • To promote physical activity and develop positive attitudes towards fitness and health. 
  • To encourage pupils to work safely as individuals, pairs and groups, in a range of competitive and non-competitive situations. 
  • To acquire and develop skills in a range of activities. 
  • To encourage a sense of fair play and honest competition. 
  • To develop the ability to select and apply skills and tactics and to evaluate and improve performance. 
  • To develop water confidence and work towards becoming independent swimmers. 

In recognition of the changing population within Penn Hall School the PE curriculum is having to adapt and alter accordingly. It is felt that in order to meet the needs of all pupils a continuum should be created into which the pupils can join. The continuum will have three main elements – Pre-formal, Semi-formal and Formal. The progress along this continuum should be governed by the stage at which the child is working and not by year group or chronological age. For example, that may mean that an individual may never leave the Pre-formal Stage but continue to make progress within it. 


The Pre-formal stage focuses upon early movement and body control skills. There are 5 sub stages within this area, and for each sub stage there are skills and activities focusing upon gross motor skills, fine motor skills, body awareness and control, and sensory skills (auditory, visual and tactile). Activities should be repeated as many times as necessary and in different ways to ensure a good foundation upon which to build. Also included in this stage is the Sherbourne Developmental Movement programme, rebound therapy and sensory integration. 


The Semi-formal stage starts by focusing on some of the early movement skills, which is complimented and superseded by the Fundamental Movement skills programme. This programme looks at cementing the foundations for sport and provides the springboard for developing sports and games. Ideas are also taken from the Equals scheme of work and Rebound Therapy continues to play a role in the physical development of the pupils and the Cool Kids programme can be used to target individuals. 


The Formal curriculum follows on from the Semi-formal, introducing more recognised activities that are more akin to the National Curriculum. Within this stage there will be sub stages for each activity area so that a progressive curriculum is being delivered. 


GCSE and Entry Level PE will be offered as and when it is felt that it is appropriate to do so. In line with the philosophy alluded to above this may or may not take place at the correct chronological time but when the pupils are at a stage deemed suitable for the level of work required. 



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