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Let's Get Creative

Sensory art and craft activities are important to a child’s development of fine and gross motor skills.  Art and craft provides children fun opportunities for them to learn and improve their  skills.  A creative outlet shows a child that he or she can make their own decisions and be inventive in their own ways. Children learn about themselves and others through art activities and it helps build their self esteem. Creativity encourages confidence, problem solving, focus and non-verbal communication.


Grasping pencils, using crayons, chalk, drawing, cutting, pasting and using paintbrushes for painting, help children develop their fine motor skills and this development will help a child with their writing, buttoning their coat and other tasks that require controlled movements.  Other benefits include children’s hand eye coordination and working with different materials teaches them about colours, shapes and textures.


By providing a variety of sensory art activities, a child will naturally learn how to explore and create and these are the beginning steps in raising creative thinkers. Creativity encourages children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment.


Sensory art and craft activities allow children the opportunity to explore and create through sense of touch, sight, smell and taste. Sensory art is about the process and exploration and not the end result of the art work.  It is important to let children have fun and explore.