Statement from Governors

Since my last statement we have seen continued excellence from our staff and pupils. We celebrated successes in pupil accreditations at the end of the last school year—each year pupils demonstrating different skill sets, but all being enabled to maximise results by the dedication of the staff. The upper school’s extended curriculum continues to expand to provide many opportunities for our young people to prepare for life after school.

A well appreciated holiday club was held in the summer attended by twenty six young people. Staff from all areas of the school supported this. The governors thank all who gave up part of their holiday to provide such a wide variety of experiences.

Also during the summer holidays the school undertook considerable additions and refurbishments to the facilities so that our buildings were fit for purpose for the admission of twenty one new pupils this autumn term. Thirteen new staff members have been appointed—some replacements, but some additional posts to support the new, much larger intake of children. The new intake, the majority in the lower school, have settled in really well. Staff continue to develop their skills to meet the unique needs of every child.