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Curriculum Implementation

Our Curriculum Implementation

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, we have to teach the way they learn

We recognise that in order to meet the diverse needs of the children and young people at Penn Hall School, we need to provide our different groups of learners with a different curriculum offer. Our curriculum consists of five broad pathways, each tailored to the distinct learning needs of specific phases or groups of learners within our school. Within each pathway, skills, knowledge and understanding along with the most appropriate   pedagogies to teach these are presented in a well-structured way, making links and building on what has already been learned.  


Learning is delivered through a thematic approach. A rolling programme of cross curricular topics is in place which is underpinned by a series of curriculum progression documents, or Penn Hall Steps,  which ensure that concepts, knowledge and skills are taught in an appropriately sequenced manner. In the formal pathway Maths and English is delivered discretely however teachers plan opportunities to reinforce and consolidate these subject skills through application within topics.


Our pupils are based in class groups according to the curriculum pathway which is most appropriate to their learning and developmental needs. Wherever possible children and young people will placed in class groups with peers from the same key stage. Our primary concern however is ensuring that each pupil receives the most appropriate curriculum offer so our first consideration when grouping children and young people will always be their stage of development rather than their age. Our pupil’s progress is carefully monitored to ensure that they are always following the most appropriate pathway with changes made as the need arises.


Each class group is the responsibility of a teacher, supported by at least two teaching assistants. Different phases of the school are encouraged to work collaboratively, resulting in a positive life-long approach to learning, which prepares our pupils for the transition through school and towards  adulthood from their earliest years.