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Attention Autism

Attention Autism is an intervention model that has been developed by Gina Davies to support the development of joint attention, turn taking and engaging in adult-led activities.  The main priority of Attention Autism sessions is to develop a ‘irresistible invitation to learn’ through fun and exciting activities. 


There are 4 key stages to the Attention Autism programme. These are introduced as when the group are ready to develop the next skill.


Stage 1: The Bucket to Focus Attention 

An opaque bucket or box is filled with visually and auditory engaging objects and toys.  The aim of this is to teach children to attend to adult-led activities and they are encouraged to join in with key repetitive vocabulary and comment on objects. 

Click here to watch video.


Stage 2: The Attention Builder 

During this stage a visual and/or auditory engaging activities are shown to a group by the adult, with the aim of sustaining a child's attention for longer periods of time.  These activities are always exciting and engaging to watch and often can get very messy! Click on the video titles to watch the videos.


Balloon Pop

Bottle Squeeze

Fizzy Volcanoes

Shaving Foam Splats 


Stage 3: Turn taking & Re-engaging Attention 

The adult demonstrates a simple fun and exciting activity to show the group how it works.  Some children are then invited to take their turn, if they are comfortable to do so.  Not every child will be able to take a turn, and turns are selected at random, this supports key skills of waiting, turn-taking and emotional regulation. 

Stage 4: Shifting & Re-engaging Attention 

This stage incorporates the key skill of engaging and shifting attention and completing adult-led activities.  The adult will demonstrate the activity, such as a matching activity or simple creative task, and then each child has an individual set of resources to recreate the activity at the table independently. 

These principles of Attention Autism are used to support learning and skill development across the curriculum for those pupils who need to develop these skills at Penn Hall.  In this area you can find a range of videos of stages 1 and 2 of the Attention Autism programme that can be watched with pupils and some activity suggestions for stages 3 and 4. 

Attention Autism Links 

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